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In an article from the...
British Medical Journal
Computer assisted learning in undergraduate medical education

Trisha Greenhalgh, senior lecturer in primary care.
Open Learning Unit, Department of Primary Care and Population Sciences, Royal Free and University College Medical School, London N19 3UA
It is becoming "a truth universally acknowledged" that the education of undergraduate medical students will be enhanced through the use of computer assisted learning. Access to the wide range of online options, figure must surely make learning more exciting, effective, and likely to be retained.......

Individual lecturers and departments are already beginning to introduce a wide range of computer based applications.......

Each learner can progress at his or her preferred pace. They can repeat, interrupt, and resume at will, which may have particular advantages for weaker students......

Once an application has been set up, the incremental cost of offering it to additional students is relatively small........

A "leading edge" virtual campus is likely to attract good students.......

The most controversial argument for using computer assisted learning in higher education is the alleged ability of the virtual campus to alter fundamentally the relation between people and knowledge.......

Deans of medical faculties often receive requests for development funding for computer assisted learning projects. Decisions to introduce these projects into the undergraduate curriculum are generally justified....

January 6, 2001

In an article by:
Advanced Engineering & Research Associates
Our Business is your Success
Computer-Based Training and Performance
Support Gain Momentum

by Michael Gallagher and Harry Olbeter

The trend to deliver training, performance support, and technical documentation through computers, within a multimedia environment, has accelerated beyond the expectations of even the most zealous advocates of instructional technology. Organizations of every variety, in most every industry and public sector, are deploying sophisticated, compelling, just-in-time training and performance-support programs in digital form. These programs combine text, graphics, video, animation (2-D and 3-D), and sound in ways that allow users to navigate them at their own speed, in ways that best meet their ability to assimilate information, yet within the time and performance requirements of their employers. x

Computer-based training and electronic performance support can help organizations, and the people within them responsible for addressing these issues, adapt to change quickly and cost effectively.t.
In an article published by...
BNP Media
What about computer-based training?
By Lisa Reed
December 20, 2000

Computer-based training (CBT) delivered via the Internet, company intranet, or CD-ROM is gaining wide acceptance. Here are seven reasons why:

Cost effectiveness
Group classroom training takes time, and lots of it. Studies show that computer-based training reduces training time by as much as 48 percent. Slashing training time, eliminating travel time and expenses for learners and instructors, and reducing facility and delivery costs all translate into significant improvements in training cost effectiveness.

Browser based
You can train your employees via the Worldwide Web. Or if you have firewall or other security constraints, programs can be installed on your company intranet and run entirely within your organization’s computer system.

Consistent, global delivery
The material presented will be consistent from training session to training session and from site to site, throughout the entire organization. This helps you meet compliance and legal considerations as well as to be assured of the highest quality training to reduce incidents.

Instant updates
Reach all learners simultaneously with updates, ensuring consistently up-to-the-minute training company-wide.

With training available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, you can easily and conveniently schedule training around production demands and learners’ work schedules, often eliminating the need for overtime to conduct training.

Self-paced learning
An employee familiar with the subject but required to document refresher training can move through the material quickly. Conversely, learners who are more challenged with material are automatically directed into remedial or developmental training until they can prove comprehension. Either way, learners progress at their own pace, ensuring the highest comprehension and retention of important safety lessons.

The interactive nature of well-designed CBT engages the learner as an active participant in training. Interactions throughout a program result in higher comprehension and retention. The instructional design of the course and interactions promote a transfer of knowledge from short-term to long-term memory.

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